Beau Passes His Basic Obedience Test

Beau and I took our test today at obedience class. We scored a 43 out of 45. I was disappointed it wasn’t a perfect score BUT disappointed in myself, not Beau. The feedback from the trainer was that the deductions were mine. I am in the bad habit of pointing for down and sit, which is not correct. As mentioned in an earlier post, it has been YEARS since I tested with a dog in obedience…like 20+ years.

Anyway, Beau was great! Now, we can move to advanced obedience/off-leash, which, of course, we will do. I am excited to move ahead and hope that the consistency of training and expectation helps Beau settle down around other dogs in the neighborhood. He has improved SO much but we still have progress to make to where I am happy.

It may be fine for other dog owners to have a dog that pulls, barks, or jumps but for me? I expect my dog to be well-behaved all the time, especially when we leave the house. Beau may have other ideas. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Beau, immediately after our test.
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