Beau Prepares To Leave NC

Well, Beau and I had our last training session here in the Sandhills of North Carolina. We head back to DC next weekend and it is hard to believe:
a) I have been away 6 months
b) Beau has been mine for 4 1/2 months
c) he is already 75 pounds.

I am ready to get back to my life and introduce Beau to the city.

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For our last session, we worked on sit, down, heel and recall in a new place with new distractions. It was a lot of fun watching Beau race towards me from 15 yards away and he only overshot me once (squirrel) and knocked me over once (not a squirrel). Even more fun for me was watching the trainer handle him. It was so fun to see him respond to another person and execute all the things I’ve been working on – permit me to get flowery – it was poetry in motion watching his jaunty gait!

My hope is to find the right level for class in DC and continue the fun we have while training. Beau gets really excited when I suit him up and ask if he wants to go to work. Thought I’d share a few shots from before and after our session. It is great when your dog enjoys the lesson and even better when they nap afterwards. My baby isn’t such a baby, is he?

Before training
After training