Beau Hates The Crate!

Short answer? A TON!!!

Beau is so sweet and so smart but I’d forgotten how much work a puppy can be. It is important to establish a routine from the start because dogs thrive on routine. Eat at the same time each day, go outside regularly, consistent crate time, early shaping routines to set the foundation for training. These are all things that need to be considered.

All of that is going well, except for the crating. Beau hates his crate. HATES IT! It is more than a fussy puppy wanting to be around his people, it is full-on screaming and physical thrashing. We’ve been playing crate games and he gets his food and any toys and treats in his crate but nothing is helping.

When Beau walks he sounds very cloppy, like a Clydesdale draft horse. I suspect that is normal for a 12-week old, not-quite-coordinated Doberman pup. It sounds like a 20 Mule Team when he is walking across the deck!

Beau was cuddly and calm from the get-go so photos were easy. But he has only been here since 3 today and I bet the calm will likely change once he is more comfortable. Right now, he is sitting next to me chewing on some toys and making little noises that sound like satisfaction noises but I am new to speaking “Dobie” so who knows?

Blurry photo, precious face!

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