Beau Comes Home!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I lost my beloved Boxer in mid August and then, lost my mother at the end of August. Needless to say, it was rough month. I am such a dog person and have been blessed by my 22 years of Boxers, I knew I wanted to get another dog but wasn’t sure when. I imagined the freedom of being without a dog, the money I’d save, and the restful sleep I’d get…..and quickly realized that my life is not whole without a dog by my side.

Given the health issues with Boxers and the sting of the recent loss, I knew my heart couldn’t take losing another Boxer so I set my sights on another breed. I knew the dog had to be intelligent, cuddly, and large. My shortlist included the Standard Poodle, the Doberman, and the Giant Schnauzer. Having experience with the “Spoo” I knew they were intelligent wonderful dogs but recalling the effort level involved in keeping the dog looking well-kept, the grooming requirements were a deal-breaker. The Giant Schnauzer required a bit less grooming, but they didn’t have the level of intelligence I wanted. Then, came the Doberman. A breed I have long admired, they are athletic, regal in appearance, easy to maintain, and very intelligent. I knew I had selected my next dog.

The search for a reputable breeder began in earnest in early September. Dobermans are prone to several health issues so it was vitally important I found a breeder who did more than the minimum health testing and bred for longevity, temperament, and train ability. I found a handful and of those only one had pups available. My timing could not have been better! I was prepared to wait (and thought it would be best to wait in order to heal and prepare) but, as luck, would have it Beau arrived October 10th at 11 weeks old!

He is so physically different from my Boxers but no less adorable! I am nervous about posting his ears but have joined a Doberman-specific forum with lots of experts and am ready to learn all about it.

Here is to a new journey, happy memories to be made and a new puppy to love. Welcome, Beau!!

Taken about an hour after he arrived! What a sweet face!

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