Beau Makes Progress!

I train Beau about 6 or 8 times a day! Yes, you read that right.

These are mini sessions of 3 to 5 minutes scattered throughout the day. We play lightning round before we go outside or when we come back in. This is when we run through skills super fast, one to the next in 30 second rounds before I ask for him to get on his place cot for another 30 seconds. I have been incorporating the dumb bell into these lighting rounds lately and, EUREKA!!

Beau brought the dumb bell back!! I am floored. It is sloppy, but a week ago I thought we‘d never get it. Now, I actually feel like we can compete in Open! In addition to having several videos for proof, he even retrieved in class tonight!

Again, I know how sloppy this is but being able to shape the skill to where we are feels amazing. I think the secret is that I switched to turkey hot dogs from chicken hot dogs. 🤓

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