Beau NQs…again

Hello, dear readers!

Well, Beau had a busy week. He earned his CGC-A on Tuesday, had CD prep training class on Wednesday, and had intermediate nosework last (Thursday) night. Today, we headed north to the Maryland State Fairgrounds for a second attempt at the first leg of CD Novice. While we left at 8am, the GPS took me a nutty way and it was over 2 hours in the car, getting us there about 10:20 for an 11:15 trial time. I don’t like to be late and think there is no such thing as too early when it’s something important, but we got there. I had to park as far away as one could park and then, we hauled our cookies to the Cow Palace. After a few other aggravations, and thanks to a lovely stranger named Cindy, I finally found the obedience ring and got set up about 10:50.

There were 2 of us in Novice B, myself and a woman with a 9-year old boy who is retired from the confirmation ring. That’s it, just two of us.

I was less nervous this time but still a bit keyed up. Beau was a really good boy but still distracted. His heeling was pretty good, his stand for exam great (after he made a quick trip to tell the judge “hello”) and recall was okay. He stopped halfway between ’front’ and ‘heel’ and he did have a moment when we put the leash on the chair where he ‘perched’ and then, saw the stuffed hedgehog toy…I feel like they have enticements to get your dog to act up. 😁 He was perfect on the final ‘get your leash’ and the judge told me we qualified and he’d see us in Group.

Apparently all but one of the Novice A competitors NQd and the other person in my class NQd, so the judge combined the two of us who qualified into Group. Beau and an Aussie (maybe, not sure what it was).

In case you aren’t familiar with this, the Group only includes 2 exercises – a 1-minute sit and a 3-minute down. We started with the long sit…….Beau’s best skill – the one we practice every day while we wait for traffic lights, wait at the concierge desk to get mail, riding the elevator, etc.……and with just 10 seconds to go, he LAID DOWN!!!! Gahhhhhhhh!!! 10 SECONDS!!!

After the last man standing got his ribbon, I asked the judge what we’d have scored. He gave me some great feedback on things to be aware I am doing (minor physical things I don’t even realize I am doing) and said we’d have scored a 188. 🙃 Oh well.

There were three things that really made the day worthwhile for me:

1. While I was working on my nerves before our turn, I met this wonderful gentleman named Frank. He and his wife have two Dobermans and he had a lot of knowledge about the breed and shared some great stories about his dogs and the Dobermans in his family. Speaking to him calmed me down and was such a nice way to pass the time. He even recorded our run and the group for me. His kindness to me was such a great addition to the day.

2. Then on our way out, Tammy, the secretary of the MBDPCA, gave Beau one of the plushies that winners got to pick from the basket. Ribbons for people, plushies for pups – so sweet! I told Beau that plushies are for winners and we didn’t deserve one….he didn’t care. He walked out of the Cow Palace with that toy in his mouth like he won all the things.

3. Beau was a champ – There had to be around 1000 dogs of all sizes with lots of buzzy energy; barking, whining, squeaking toys and he did not get into any trouble. Not a peep, not a pull, nothing – just gave a little play bow with a sweet bitch puppy who came by to say hello.

Overall, I am calling the day a success. I think Beau had fun, I met some kind and friendly people, and learned some key things for the next trial. Maybe the May 7th trial (3rd time) will be the charm?

For some reason, WordPress is not letting me upload the video. If you want to see how the trial went, check it out over on our YouTube page!

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