Beau Beats The Heat

DC has been very hot and humid (apropos for this time of year) and I want to share a tool I have used on my dogs for years that is proving to be invaluable with Beau, during and after our walks. 

I walk him between 4:30 and 5 each morning and again between 10 and 11 at night, but we obviously have to go out in the heat of the day as well. I do my best to keep him on grass and stay in the shade but it is still really hot and the humidity is a killer. Soooooo, I have been using…..

…a cooling towel! I happened upon these when looking for a way to keep my ex-husband a bit more comfortable playing rugby in July in Las Vegas (who would schedule a 7s tournament for that time of year?). It was such a hit, I bought my own and it became a part of my travel pack, making southeast Asia and the Middle East much more comfortable.

THEN, because I can be a bit slow, I realized that these little gems would be perfect on hikes with my Boxers. From then on, the cooling towels come out in late April and stay in use until late October. I would tie them around the Boxers neck’s like a bandana or scarf during our hikes and rewet them as we came across any creeks or streams.

Anyway, after longer walk than expected this afternoon, I draped Beau in his Mission Enduracool Recovery Cooling Towel in XXL. I don’t know the technology but you get the towel wet, wring it out, then give it a snap or two and you have close to 30 degrees cooler for you or your pup! It is great when you can’t find shade or run out of water. You know it is ready when the little Ms become visible.

Some of you already know about this but I thought it was worth it for those who may struggle with ways to keep their hot dogs cool as cucumbers. 

Hope this helps some of you dealing with the heat!

Beau chilling in his chill towel

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