Beau Post-Surgery

Beau was neutered on May 7th. What an ordeal!!

He had a bad reaction to the post-procedure pain medicine and we’ve spent the past 2 weeks racing outside at all hours for very unpleasant poops. Poor Beau’s little bum is a mess and he just feels rotten.

If this is too much information, my apologies, but I want this blog to be informative for other dog owners in the event it helps them in some way.

The vet prescribed Carprofen, which apparently is known to cause massive upset with some dogs. I won’t get into all the details, but I was very disappointed in the veterinarian clinic’s responses and treatment.

I feel my poor boy can’t get a break. Thankfully, the literal “shit show” is over. Now, it’s time for bland food and lots of extra cuddles. His weight will come back and his coat will recover with some TLC.

Poor baby
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