Beau Goes To Camp :(

Well, this is a kick in the teeth! Before we left NC, the pups raced by me and slammed into my right leg. Apparently, that tore my lateral meniscus – which explains the escalating pain I’ve felt. Since the doctor has instructed me to get off my feet and let this heal, Beau has gone to “camp” for 2 weeks. He is too rambunctious and rowdy for anyone close to me to walk up to 8 times a day (and I wouldn’t do that to my friends 😁). I think I found a good place where he will have a nice run at night and plenty of pups to play with during the day. I dropped him off last Friday and have been counting down the days until he comes home.

I hate the idea of this, especially since we’ve only been building our bond for 4 months. Fingers crossed, it will go well!

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Since he will be away and I will be immobile, there won’t be any posts until he comes home.