Beau Gets His Embark DNA Results

I received Beau’s test results today and wanted to share for those who are fascinated (like me) with DNA testing of humans and animals. I knew his sire was a DCM1 carrier so I am not surprised that Beau is too, and, as the adage goes, praemonitus, praemunitus [forewarned is forearmed].

Now I just have to find a vet in DC who can work with me on annual Holters and echocardiogram beginning when Beau is two. Overall, if I am interpreting the results correctly, he is reasonably healthy and just because he has the DCM1 gene doesn’t mean he will be affected or unaffected.

Beau is just shy of 16 weeks, about 45 pounds and 21 inches at the shoulder. We are having a great time in training and working on our ‘finals’ for the last class (in 4 weeks) where we have to demonstrate the commands and finish with a trick. I had forgotten how enjoyable a puppy can be when not running around like a deranged toddler running with scissors and armed with a box of matches. He has even started sitting quietly in his crate when I am sitting in front of it. We made it to 16 1/2 minutes yesterday. Yay! He is teething but is less sharky than last week. He is progressing quickly with all his commands including ‘wait’, ’drop’ and ‘mat’. He is a lovebug, a cuddler, and a joy – certainly the brightest part of my shitty year. I think my mother would adore him and so happy she was able to help me name him before she passed away. Here are some photos of Beau and my mother’s dogs, Daisy (the Yellow Lab) and Maggie (the Frenchie).